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Now that Set My Bones has been given its due debut, You’ll Never Work In This Town Again is putting on its best frock and doing some stretches in preparation for the same fate. Mere Noise Records is launching the Vegas Kings’ new longplayer this Saturday at Brisbane’s Hi Fi Bar. Gentle Ben & His […]


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Anyone who came along to the first Meltdown in 2007 knows that this is gonna be worth the paltry $15 entry fee. If memory serves, I think the virgin Meltdown was so out of control that Kate Jacobson of Texas Tea did a cover of a Hymies song and said the word ‘cunt’ therein. And […]


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A bit of double penetration never hurt anyone, did it? We don’t think so. To celebrate this, we thought we’d have a party in Brisbane and a party in Melbourne. At the same time. You are invited. BRISBANE PARTY: Butcher Birds, SixFtHick, Loomer, Dirtybird. The Zoo. Tonight. 8.30 – 9.10 Dirtybird 9.30 – 10.10 Loomer […]

Bullet Points? Yes.

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The new Vegas Kings album (You’ll Never Work In This Town Again) is out. Buy it here if you trust me already, and wait around if you dont — I’ll post up some reviews for you later. Don’t forget about the launch on October 10. It’s at the Hi Fi with Gentle Ben & His […]