MNR001 Vegas Kings – For Those Who Came in Late (CD) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR002 The Standing 8 Counts – Greatest Hits (CD)
MNR003 El Borracho – Yip Yah! (CD)
MNR004 Vegas Kings – Dead Money (CD)
MNR005 Texas Tea – Take a Sip (CD)
MNR006 The DangerMen – The Dark Place (CD)
MNR007 Butcher Birds – Eat Their Young (CD)
MNR008 Warm Guns – Self Titled (CD)
MNR009 Vegas Kings – You’ll Never Work in This Town Again (CD)
MNR010 Butcher Birds – Set My Bones (CD)
MNR011 HITS – Living With You is Killing Me (CD)
MNR012 Texas Tea – Fire Sides / Last Drinks (Vinyl) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR013 HITS – Living With You is Killing Me (Vinyl) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR014 HITS / Dimi Dero Inc. – Gates of Steel / Unfair Enough (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR015 Dimi Dero inc. – Cremation Day in the Court of Miracles (CD) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR016 Undead Apes – Grave Consequences (Vinyl)
MNR017 Keep On Dancin’s – The End of Everything (CD)
MNR018 Texas Tea – Take a Sip (Vinyl)
MNR020 Undead Apes – Killed By Deaf (Vinyl)
MNR021 Keep On Dancin’s – The End of Everything (Vinyl)
MNR022 The Horrortones (Triple 7″ Box Set) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR023 Texas Tea – I Don’t Write No Sad Songs (7″ Flexi Disc) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR024 Texas Tea – Heart Says Yes (Head Says No) (Cassingle)
MNR025 Texas Tea – Sad Summer Hits (Vinyl) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR026 Texas Tea – Sad Summer Hits (CD) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR027 HITS / Cosmic Psychos – Big Black Car / Hoon (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR028 Tiny Migrants / Bob Log III – Zombie Mess / Shake Yr Boot (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR029 Sixfthick / Head On – She Riff (Magic Dirt) / The Beast (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR030 Spencer P. Jones / Keep On Dancin’s – Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine) / Under My Bed (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR031 Tiny Migrants (7″ EP)
MNR032 Texas Tea / Darling Downs – Blues for Skip (Paul Kelly) / There Were Tears (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR033 Chinese Burns / Mad Macka – Why Do You Fight / Beauty Point (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR034 Undead Apes / Digger & the Pussycats – Pluto / No Good (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR035 Kellie Lloyd / Seja – Scene of the Crime / Overkill (Men at Work) (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR036 The Standing 8 Counts / Seger Liberation Army – No Feelings / Innervenus Eyes (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR037 Kids of Zoo / Sulphur Lights – Drop the Penny / Untrue (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR038 Dan Brodie & the Grieving Widows / Dave McCormack – I Gotta Get Up (So I Can Get Down) / Left Out, The Things We Do For Love (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR039 Velociraptor / Vegas Kings- Drain Girl / I Could Make You Love Me (7″ Single) – OUT OF STOCK
MNR040 Dollar Bar – Paddington Workers Club (LP)
MNR042 HITS – Living With You is Killing Me (LP 2015 Re-Issue) – OUT OF STOCK