The Standing 8 Counts (w. FREE TRACKS!)

Posted by on May 15, 2011 in news

Alongside our new newsletter (the first one is due out in the next week or so) we’re going to start using this blog for a little more than just advertising the odd gig or release. So to start it all off, a little something about The Standing 8 Counts.

After only about 7 years we have sold all of our Standing 8 Counts / Vegas Kings split 7”s! Didn’t take too long after all!

A bit of a history….

The Standing 8 Counts: Greatest Hits CD was the 2nd thing we put out on Mere Noise all those years ago. In many ways it’s the reason why we have this record label today. Originally Mere Noise was to be a means of distributing Vegas Kings music, then once we realised we could do it and we found that the 8 Counts had all of these amazing unreleased recordings (BLUNT Magazine gave it  8/10!), we knew what we had to do. 8 Counts are a niche taste I guess but for me they were the most exciting band in Brisbane for a long time. It seemed like at any moment during a live set things could absolutely turn to shit, or on the other hand be totally amazing. I have never seen a band walking such a fine line between utter collapse and explosion. Later I was lucky enough to be a part of the final incarnation of the band and got to experience both of these things, which was some of the best times I’ve had on a stage… and a great honour even as well.


The Standing 8 Counts might be an unknown band to the average Joe. A handful of people were as enthusiastic about them as I was (one other I started a record label with). They played some gigs with some big acts. They were small print on festival bills. Eventually they called it quits and filled the Zoo in Brisbane for a final show. To me I found them when I was first realising that you don’t need to look further than your local dive to find amazing music. They were just a fucking great band that, like so many others, if they existed on another continent – might’ve had some kind of impact. But then again maybe that’s what makes bands like this even more special.

So to celebrate the Standing 8 Counts – for the rest of May get the Greatest Hits album for just:

$11.95 for a physical copy
$6.95 for a digital version
some free tracks!
All That Glitters (from the split 7”)
(You Make Me) Stiff (From the Greatest Hits Album)
No Feelings (there were even leftovers from the Greatest Hits collection that are fucking great!)

If you’ve made it this far you are probably feeling old now like me. But hey, at least we aren’t jerks right? . . . right?

Cool as cor blimey.

Love. Mere Noise