The Socio-Cultural Value of a Vegas Kings Album: Meditations

Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in news

Dear Internet,

I, the Mere Noise blogging monkey, have been listening to the forthcoming Vegas Kings album for a few days now. I want to let you know that this thing is a national treasure, and there’s a special collaboration on there that I think will please 95% of all living beings.

That is an official figure.

I just feel like – maybe – if you don’t get your hands on this album (beg, buy or borrow, I really don’t mind)  – MAYBE – you will feel like a bit of a dick when everyone else is talking about how ‘rad’ and ‘awesome’ it is and all you’ve got in your indie canon repertoire is some ironic Hungry Kids of Hungary commentary or something. I’m worried for you.

You’ve got about 25 days to get yourself in position. It’s going to be punching the general public in the face on September 18, 2009.

Mark that down.

Forever yours,

The Mere Noise Primate.