The End Of An Era.

Posted by on Nov 5, 2010 in news

In tragic news for Brisbane The Troubadour is closing down. This venue has been so kind to Mere Noise and Brisbane music in general over the last seven years and for that we should all say THANKS. At Mere Noise HQ we wish it weren’t so. There’s a couple of weeks left though and it’s truly an honour that some Mere Noise bands get to play on that stage just a few more times. Over the next few weeks get to the Troubadour as much as possible, we sure will be, cause Brisbane won’t be the same without it.

The next show at The Troub in Mere Noise land, also happens to be the final show for VEGAS KINGS. And the following week is the Undead Apes VINYL ALBUM launch – the last Saturday night gig at the Troubadour. Sniffle.

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