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Posted by on Oct 2, 2009 in news

Happy Butcher Birds Day, Internet. Set My Bones has been unveiled for the entire country today, so I do hope you’re already neck-deep in those dulcet/brutal tones.

Here’s a bit of a BB wrap-up in terms of press, plus an excerpt to whet your appetite.

Jo Nilson talks to Voges:

1. Beer, Bourbon, Whisky, Wine, Vodka or Cognac?

My first drink was Bourbon and I think I may have had a chuck after, so that’s out. Cognac is for P-Diddy and Kanye West, I’m too white and poor. Vodka smells like nail polish remover. The rest are alright by me.

2. You are based in Brisbane, what is the best/worst thing about living in sunny northern Australia?

Summertime is absolutely brutal, I hate it. However, Brisbanites are unpretentious, quick-witted, hard drinking scallywags who all start amazing bands. Moreton Bay is where the rest of Australia sent their worst convicts, so that says a lot really.

3. Vegemite on warm toast with lashings of butter, yes or no?

What kind of freak would say no to that? I can see Pete from Merenoise (our record label) tucking into said combo as we speak, except he is a bit fancy and is having his on Turkish bread.

4. What was your first car?

I can’t drive, which is shameful. I’m learning, I promise. If I could pick a first car, it would be a black 70’s panel van with sweet airbrushed paintings on the sides, depicting me as a Viking warrior in battle. Fur bikini, snakes, that sort of thing.

5. Do you know the second verse of the Australian national anthem?

Oh, no-one really does, do they? We need a new national anthem and I think Gareth Liddiard should write it. Though I guess no-one would know the words then, either.

6. What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Lego and my She-ra Princess of Power Crystal Castle playset.

7. What music festival would you love to play at?

ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties) – the line-ups are always awesome, it’s a music fan’s festival and seems to be fairly free of meatheads. Glasto would certainly be an experience too.

8. Thing that always makes you smile?

My kitty, Stubbs. Except when she jumps on my face at 4am.

9. If you were a lolly in an Allen’s mixed bag which one would you be?

If you mean the “Party Mix” I would definitely be the teeth. Endless hours of fun.

10.The song you want played at your funeral?

“I’m Set Free” by the Velvet Underground. That song is very close to perfect.

The launch looks like it’s going to be one hell of a party. Maybe you should come?

The Zoo

Saturday, October 3.

Dirtybird, Loomer, SixFtHick and Butcher Birds.

Tickets here.