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Dollar-Bar-2013-biopic-300x300Mere Noise are proud to release the new album by Dollar Bar – “Paddington Workers Club”.

Dollar Bar began in Brisbane Australia in 1998 when Dale Peachey released a home-recorded cassette called “Demonstrations” with the intention of forming a revolving line-up around his batch of GBV-inspired songs.
That idea didn’t last very long once Patrick McCabe, Brendan Rosenstengel and Chris Yates collectively wrapped their heads around Dale’s eclectic compositions and formed a steady band.

Dollar Bar gigged in Brisbane frequently and released a string of CD EPs recorded with Bryce Moorhead at Zero Interference. The “Pet Indifference”, “Queen Slipper” and “Journey To The Centre Of Attention” EPs lead the way to a self titled debut album in 2004, by which time Patrick and Chris were contributing songs and lead vocals alongside Dale.

Plenty of JJJ and community radio love came their way – especially at 4ZZZfm in their hometown, where “Cute Gurls Have The Best Diseases” was voted number one in the 2003 Hot 100 poll.

But then – they disappeared.

Now, nine years after that underheralded debut album, Dollar Bar have joined Mere Noise Records to release their second studio album “Paddington Workers Club”.

Named for the long-gone Brisbane venue where Dollar Bar played numerous gigs including a seminal release party for their 2003 “Journey” EP, “Paddington Workers Club” continues the Dollar Bar tradition with a concise collection of new songs, this time presented in as raw and natural state as possible.