Posted by on Oct 6, 2009 in news

I trust you all had a weekend of sorts.

The party at the Zoo for Butcher Birds’ album launch was unreal.

In the words of Stephen Goodwin, it was “a thousand decibels of awesome.”

But I mean.. When you’ve got 4 obscenely good looking mother fuckers tearing down standards of decency with brutal sonics alone, you don’t really have to worry about the party being anything BUT a goddam riot, do you?

Dirtybird, Loomer and SixFtHick were all fucking wonderful, too. All night I heard people commenting on Dirtybird — keep an eye on them, I’d wager.

So that’s that. Hope you all had fun.

If you missed the launch, you can still get the album via our website or from stores.

Set My Bones has held the coveted position of “EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE” on the 4ZZZ charts for two weeks running now. Little bit of trivia for the Internet.